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The next meeting of the Dunfermline constituency branch SNP will be at :

Thursday, October 2, at 7.30pm
Dell Farquharson Centre
Nethertown Broad St
Fife, KY12 7DS

Apologies for the short notice; having doubled our membership in the past week we had some difficulties finding a new venue to accommodate as many of our new members as possible!



September 14th - 16th


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September 13th

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September 12th

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The Margo Mobile in Fife

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More Canvassing and leafleting

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Magnificent posters designed by Ciaran Murphy


These magnificent posters designed by Ciaran Murphy are being distributed for free throughout the country. They are available in the Dunfermline YES Shop, or you can buy a bundle for friends and your community – send us a £10.00 donation via PayPal and we’ll post you out a tube of x10 posters – as long as stocks last! Which won’t be long.



Spain joins in with support for YES Scotland



Canvassing in Duloch, August 27th

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Another great night out in Dunfermline canvassing. Tonight was always going to be a tough one, but although we didn't hit last weeks 70% Yes 30% No we achieved a very respectable 54% Yes 46% No.
Cllr. Neale Hanvey


Dundee Courier Referendum Coverage, 25th August 2014

Positive reporting in our local daily paper !!

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The Yes Trailer in West Fife



Worshippers at Dunfermline’s Central Mosque had the opportunity to quiz a Scottish Minister about independence last week.

convoyHumza Yousaf, Scotland’s youngest ever government minister and the first from an ethnic minority background, visited Fife to attend Friday prayers at the mosque and was on hand after to answer questions.

The Minister for External Affairs and International Development was grilled on all aspects of the independence debate, including health, welfare and the economy.

convoySadiq Mian, a Yes campaigner from Dunfermline, invited the Minister to visit the mosque.

Sadiq said: “I didn’t know what reaction there would be because it’s not something I’ve really heard discussed, but it turned out brilliant.

“Every common question was asked and lots of leaflets were distributed.”

Around 200 members of the local Muslim community attended to speak to the SNP MSP.

Humza also met with campaigners in the Yes Dunfermline information hub at Bruce Street, and thanked them for the “effort and energy” they have put into the Yes campaign.

He said: “If there’s any country in the world that can stand on its own two feet, surely it’s ours. The country that is the land of innovation and invention; the country that just hosted the best ever Commonwealth Games; the country that has shown its humanity and compassion on a global stage, be it with the situation in Gaza or be it from supporting refugees or anything; surely it is our country. Every one of us has to take that message out and instil a bit of confidence and self-belief.”



Sadiq Mian says YES

Yes Trailer





convoyThe Yes Convoy will be coming through Dunfermline next weekend !!

(click the image)








Yes TrailerThe trailer has arrived at the Yes Embassy Cllr Neale Hanvey







tescoTesco Dunfermline getting in on the action...








imageIndependent Fife councillor says Yes

This is a very important vote for the people of Scotland. It is not just about ourselves. It is about our children and our grandchildren. It’s about self determination and democracy. It is not about the SNP or any other party. It is about Scotland.
- Cllr Willie Clarke






Royal Bengal RestaurantRoyal Bengal Restaurant

Royal Bengal Restaurant, Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline is supporting the Yes cause.
Quote "Dunfermline Yes" for 10% discount.
Thank you to all our supporters and activists, working together to deliver a Yes vote for Scotland.







Rosyth's brilliant YES shop

great team there...lots of toots....Giant free standing YES sign delivered.
Thanks to Steven Seath for sponsoring it.

See the time line photographs here :






The Herald


Fundraiser31 July at 19:30

YES West Fife Fundraiser And Social Event
Coadys Bar, Dunfermline, Fife




rosyth17 July, 18h00 – 20h00
Yes Rosyth Mass Canvassing meet at Palace Cafe, Palace Buildings, 114 Queensferry Rd, Rosyth

Following the success mass campaign days in Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy, East fife, Lochgelly and Cardenen, please join us for our next mass canvassing event, this time in Rosyth - help spread the word about independence!

There will be a brief information session at the start, so don't worry if you haven't been canvassing before, after which we will split up into teams and head into The housing estate to knock on doors, ask about voting intentions, hand out Yes materials and if necessary, sign people up to the electoral register.




Limekilns/Charlestown Referendum, Elgin Hotel, Charleston

Some photographs from the Referendum meeting in the Elgin Hotel, Charleston



Undecided?16 July 19h00 - 21h00
Limekilns/Charlestown Referendum, Elgin Hotel, Charleston

A debate for undecided voters.

Speaking for YES
Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh (Lawyers for Independence)
Ivan McKee (Business for Scotland)

Speaking for No
Cllr Tony Martin (Lib-Dem)
Margaret McCulloch (Scottish Labour


Shirley Ann15 July 18.30 - 20.00 Tricky Questions and Slick Answers

Canvassing and campaigning training workshop for novice and experienced campaigners. An evening of information, mutual support and fun. Covering the issues that people are asking most about on the street, in the workplace and on the doorstep. Special guest: Shirley-Anne Somerville Deputy CEO SNP.

Yes Shop Dunfermline, 9 Bruce Street Dunfermline KY12



What Scotland Needs to Blossom

Here are some photographs from Lesley Riddoch's visit to Dunfermline


Tuesday 8th July - What Scotland Needs to Blossom - Dunfermline City Chambers, 6.30pm

Lesley RiddochWriter and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch will speak at a one-off event in Dunfermline this week.

To mark the official opening of Dunfermline’s Yes Campaign Shop and information hub on Tuesday, the award-winning journalist and commentator will speak to a local audience about her latest book, Blossom: What Scotland Needs to Flourish.

The book, described as “inspiring” and “a must read for anyone seeking a better Scotland”, is a collection of stories about people who have strived to empower themselves and their communities.

The event takes place on Tuesday at Dunfermline City Chambers at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start, following a brief opening ceremony at the Yes shop on neighbouring Bruce Street.

Signed copies of “Blossom” will be available to purchase on the night. Limited tickets are available, free of charge - go to this link : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/what-scotland-needs-to-blossom-with-lesley-riddoch-tickets-12065208363




Nicola SturgeonAn evening with Nicola Sturgeon

Around 400 people attended a packed public event in the Glen Pavilion with Nicola Sturgeon on Friday.
It was standing room only to hear the Deputy First Minister speaking about Scottish independence and the opportunities a Yes vote would bring to Scotland.

Commenting on the date of the meeting Nicola said: "It's the 4th of July, American Independence Day. I wonder how it's working out for them incidentally, this independence lark? It seems to be going okay!"

An extensive question and answer session followed her speech, with a wide range of questions ranging from currency and the economy to young people having the vote and the transition to Scotland becoming an independent state.A video of the presentation can be seen on YouTube :





Nicola Sturgeon

Friday 4th July: An evening with Nicola Sturgeon.

DEPUTY First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will be speaking at an event in Dunfermline’s Glen Pavilion on Friday 4th July.

The MSP and Yes Scotland board member is inviting undecided voters to the question and answer session ahead of the independence referendum in September.

Voters seeking answers on what currency an independent Scotland would use or what a yes vote would mean for shipbuilding jobs in Rosyth can quiz Ms Sturgeon directly.

The free event – no ticket is required – starts at 6.30pm and the Q&A is expected to run until 8.30pm with a social evening and music to follow.







Yes campaigners have opened an information hub and shop in the centre of Dunfermline.

Yes Shop, Bruce StreetWith less than 100 days to go until Scotland’s independence referendum, West Fifers are being invited to drop into the shop at Bruce Street to chat about the issues and pick up information to help them make their decision on September 18.

The shop will be open 11am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday, with extended opening to 7.30pm on Thursdays. Special events will also be held at the premises at various times, including parents’ sessions with toys and entertainment provided for young children and training sessions for those looking to get involved with the Yes campaign.

Yes Shop StaffA group of mainly female local volunteers from a broad background of political parties (and from none) will staff the shop, led by a very well-kent face around Dunfermline, Pars stalwart Mary Stewart. Mary, who set up the Pars United DASC shop and has raised more than £28,000 for Pars United, will use her expertise to ensure a range of merchandise is on offer as well as the premises being used as a safe and welcoming drop in centre for anyone looking for more information on what a Yes vote would mean for Scotland.




Support in Germany




Dunfermline YES Campaign

has international support





Vince CableLondon is hurting the rest of the UK, admits Vince Cable.

In a speech to the Weir Group in Glasgow today (5th June) Vince Cable was due raise the alarm on the economic damage being inflicted on the rest of the UK by the concentration of wealth in London and the South-East of England.

In the past, Vince Cable has described London as a “giant suction machine sucking the life blood out of the rest of the country” – and Professor Tony Travers of the London School of Economics has previously referred to London as the “dark star of the economy inexorably sucking in resources, people and energy.”

Commenting, SNP Treasury spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP said:

This admission from Vince Cable has let the cat out of the bag and confirmed what the Yes campaign has been saying all along.

“Vince Cable’s admission simply makes the economic case for independence – which would see decisions about Scotland’s economy made by the people who live and work here, rather than by a Westminster establishment fixated on London and South East England.

Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world – richer per head than the UK, France and Japan.

“With a Yes vote we can make this wealth work for all the people and put Scotland first – in contrast to the Westminster system obsessed with London, which even the UK Government now admit harms Scotland’s economy.”



Oil RigThe offshore oil industry 'unfazed' by the result referendum on Scottish Independence.

The annual Aberdeen and Grampian Chambers of Commerce study carried out in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde's Fraser of Allander Institute has been published. The authors of the report suggest that the North Sea oil and gas industry is 'unfazed' by the prospect of Scottish independence.

More firms say that independence will have a positive rather than negative influence on their business, with 18% saying that independence would be positive for the oil and gas industry, while 12% thinking there might be a negative influence and 38% saying that they did not believe independence would make any real difference.

And the report said that the Wood Review's recommendations for maximising the UK's offshore oil and gas resources had the "potential to rival independence itself in importance" for the sector.




Scots "misled" over set-up costs of independence.

Patrick Dunleavy, the influential Professor of Politics at the London School of Economics claims that his calculations of the costs of setting up an independent Scottish government have been grossly manipulated by the UK Treasury. The Treasury figure for the cost of a YES vote badly misrepresents key research. Professor Dunleavy has called the Treasury's £2.7bn estimate for the cost of setting up new independent government departments ‘bizarrely inaccurate’. In an interview with The Financial Times Professor Dunleavy stated: "I don't see why the Scottish Government couldn't do this for a very small amount of money", estimating that the set-up costs would be closer to £150m-£200m rather than the £2.7bn stated by the Treasury.




Euro electionsWe scored a fantastic victory in the Euro elections, winning - at 28.9% - a bigger share of the vote in Scotland than any other party managed across the UK as a whole.

We’ve returned Ian Hudghton and Alyn Smith as MEPs (pictured with me). Our win - with 68,496 votes more than in 2009 - maintains our strong voice in Europe and is a vote of trust in the party and confidence in the Scottish Government.




Yes NOThe SNP has called for the publication of what is described as a "secret" independence referendum poll which was commissioned from Ipsos/Mori by the UK government at a cost to the taxpayer of £46,500.

The nationalists believe the publicly-funded survey showed a surge in support for independence and has been buried.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has responded by saying the only poll that counted was the one on 18 September.


St Bryce

FRAE Fife are hosting a Referendum Debate at the St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy, Fife 26th May at 18:00


For BT : WILLIE RENNIE MSP and MIKE DAILY - Govan Law Centre




Super SaturdayAround 100 Yes supporters from across Fife gathered in Dunfermline on Saturday for the first in a series of planned mass canvass events ahead of the independence referendum.

The “Super Saturday” event brought together Yes Scotland supporters from across Fife to speak to voters on the doorsteps of Abbeyview.

And the results were a resounding Yes for independence, with 65 per cent of those who have made their minds up saying they will be voting Yes on September 18.

Of the 472 responses to the question “should Scotland be an independent country?” a total of 212 (45%) were Yes, with 115 (24%) saying No and a further 145 (31%) undecided. Excluding don’t knows, the results were 65 per cent Yes to 35 per cent No.

Organiser Marie Penman said: “There was a huge buzz of enthusiasm and positivity throughout the event.

“Over 80 people were out canvassing on the streets of Abbeyview. Hundreds of doors were knocked, loads of merchandise given out and hopefully lots of people persuaded to vote Yes.”

The event was jointly organised under the Yes Fife banner by Dunfermline Central Councillor Neale Hanvey and Yes Kirkcaldy’s Marie Penman who were inspired after hearing about similar activity in Edinburgh.


messageThis is Scotland’s year. There's now real momentum behind our campaign to create a more prosperous and fairer Scotland. This September, we will all have the opportunity to take our nation forward to independence.
Latest polling suggests the last Scottish seat will be between the SNP and Ukip. Only the SNP is going to be able to stop the miserable, anti-European, anti-devolution politics of Nigel Farage.
We need to elect the strongest possible team of SNP Euro MPs in order to advance Scotland’s interests.
Success for Scotland next week will prepare the ground for September. It will help build the momentum which is taking us ever closer to realising our ambitions for our country.
Please help us make Scotland’s mark on Europe.

Yours, for Scotland



"The Dunfermline SNP website was launched on 20 May 2014. We are grateful to Aberdeen SNP for permission to reproduce the Scottish Government, European Union, Independence and History pages from their website." 



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