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updated 27th November 2014




Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations

Cllr. Neale Hanvey has been in contact with Alyn Smith MEP regarding the important negotiations between the European Union and the USA to set up the Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP).

Alyn Smiths reply is here :

Dear Neale,

Our calls for greater transparency in the TTIP negotiations bore fruit today as the European Commission announced a series of proposals for the negotiations, including:

  • making public more EU negotiating texts that the Commission already shares with Member States and Parliament;
  • providing access to TTIP texts to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), not just a select few, by extending the use of a ‘reading room’ to those MEPs who had no access to restricted documents so far;
  • classifying less TTIP negotiating documents as “EU restricted”, making them more easily accessible to MEPs outside the reading room;
  • publishing and updating on a regular basis a public list of TTIP documents shared with the European Parliament and the Council.

While I’m pleased that we managed to gain this, I still think we can do more. My most pressing concern is that we exclude the Scottish NHS from the effects of any potential deal.  

I’ve made it very clear that I oppose TTIP in its current form. Yes, a trade deal done right could boost trade between us and the US but in this case. I have strong concerns over the content of the deal on offer and the way in which that content came to be agreed. 

The ramifications of this deal go way beyond any traditional trade deal, and it is only right that MEPs as legislators are involved at every stage of the process, not simply at the end as a glorified rubber stamp.

But, credit where it is due, today’s announcement is a step in the right direction.  Greater transparency in the negotiations will allow us to better keep tabs on what is being agreed in our name, but I have no faith in the UK government to argue for our NHS in Scotland, given the policy they are pursuing south of the border. 

I’m also concerned that when we get to the agricultural chapters of the package we could see a considerable undermining of European standards. I’m not convinced that companies should have access to special dispute resolution, and do not accept that the case for it has been made.  

We in Scotland have already seen the actions of companies – the insurance companies over pleural plaques, the tobacco companies over advertising and the drinks industry over minimum pricing – seek to put their legal rights to make a profit above the democratic will of the Parliament, and I remain concerned that TTIP will entrench this deeply unhealthy drift, not face it down.

So a lukewarm thumbs up to the Commission today. TTIP will surely change and evolve further in the years before it’s signed off but its advocates will need to do a lot more to ensure any support for this deal.

Keep checking my website for further news, to join the debate, or to read my previous TTIP updates (October's is here if you missed it) and, as always, do get in touch if you have any concerns.

Yours aye,



Alyn Smith · 1 Summerhall, TechCube, Edinburgh EH9 1PL, United Kingdom 
You can keep up with Alyn Smith on
 Twitter or Facebook



The Referendum in Catalonia

If anyone would like to read more about the referendum in Catalonia, go to this Catalonian Government newsletter (in English). If you want you can subscribe to the Newsletter by going to : http://www.cataloniavotes.eu/inici/ The web site is in English. At the foot of the page you can insert your email address to receive the newsletter.



Draft Fife Council Budget

Below is the letter that has been sent out to Fife Council staff regarding Labour's draft Fife Council budget for 2015/16. There will be public meeting dates released soon and we would urge you to go along to these meetings and have your voice heard.

There is a link to Labour's draft budget contained within the letter

Councillor Douglas Chapman



As Executive spokesperson for Finance & Corporate Services, I wanted to write to all council employees to let you know that, yesterday, the Executive Committee agreed to consult Fifers on suggested budget savings for next year.

As you know, the Council still faces the big challenge of saving £77 million over the next three years. All the political group leaders – who are members of the Executive Committee – want to involve communities in the budget and open the process up.

Our (the Administration’s) draft budget proposals for 2015-16 are available on FISH and Fifedirect with the other papers from yesterday’s meeting. See the publications here:


People will be able to give us their views on these proposals from next week when the consultation will launch online and with paper surveys and public meetings.

As most of you live in Fife I hope you’ll get involved. The Employee Code of Conduct says you are entitled to express views about the council, including speaking to councillors or taking part in a public meeting, as long as any views you share publicly are as a citizen or service user, not as an employee. You can read the code on FISH or Fifedirect or ask your manager for a copy if you don’t have access to a computer.

While you can choose to get involved as a resident – at work, you’re involved in this challenge every day. I’m sure everyone is feeling the impact of the reductions in some way. I know some of you have changed teams, Services and the tools and systems you use as part of new ways of working. And you’re already working with fewer colleagues, managers, buildings and vehicles – but customers still want more from us.

You’re helping us make the £29m worth of savings that were agreed as part of last year’s budget and yet we still have to find more.

It keeps getting harder. And no one knows that more than you. So, as well as your thoughts on the savings proposals the Administration’s putting forward for next year, we’d like to hear your ideas about ways to save in the future. The Council Management Team will issue information about a new staff suggestion scheme in the coming weeks. Your input to this will help us as we finalise the budget for February and start planning for 2016 and beyond.

Cllr Linda Erskine ( Labour )
Executive Spokesperson Finance & Corporate Services



T-Shirt Raffle




The t-shirt, signed by several cabinet ministers and by Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon, is to be raffled for branch funds. Tickets will be on sale at the next members' event.











SNP members event, Glen Pavilion, 16th November 2014

Hundreds of people turning out this Sunday afternoon to get involved with Dunfermline SNP. Fantastic - welcome too all our members, both new and existing.



Here are some more photographs :

image image image
image image image image image



The Deputy Leadership Contest - Dunfermline, Wednesday 29th October



image image image image



Gathering of the Branch - The Deputy Leadership Contest is coming to Dunfermline!

The Voting for Depute Leader has commenced ... but voting does not close until 5pm on the 12th November.
 Dunfermline and West Fife members have a chance to say who you would like to work with Nicola Sturgeon to take the Party forward, building on the momentum established over the past 2 years and working towards our goal of independence.
 This is the first deputy leadership contest in over ten years and the candidates are, Transport and Veterans Minister Keith Brown, Secretary for Training, Youth and Women’s Employment Angela Constance and Westminster Treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie.
 We are delighted to say all three candidates, Keith Brown, Angela Constance and Stewart Hosie are coming to Dunfermline next week to talk with you the Branch members!

When and where : Wednesday the 29th October – arrive 7.15pm for a 7.30 start
  @ The Carnegie Conference Centre

Come and hear how they see the SNP and our Nation going forward and ask them the questions that matter to you!
 Hope to see you at the Deputy Leadership Husting.
 David Bruce
Convener Dunfermline SNP



From Carol Anderson ‎at the YES SHOP (AYE POD), DUNFERMLINE :

Shop all set up and ready to re-open 24th October at 10am! Lots of nice gifts for yourself or others! More stock due next week so check back if you don't see what you are looking for!

image image image image image
image image image image image image







Nicola Sturgeon will become the new leader of the Scottish National Party - and therefore Scotland’s first minister - as she was the only candidate when nominations closed. Nicola, Scotland’s deputy first minister, will replace SNP leader and current First Minister Alex Salmond.






"The Dunfermline SNP website was launched on 20 May 2014. We are grateful to Aberdeen SNP for permission to reproduce the Scottish Government, European Union, Independence and History pages from their website." 



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